Rebecca Treeless Saddles or the Softrider

Order Information
Order Information

Order Information

You need to send me a $200.00 deposit to:

Underwood Enterprizes
6560 Downing Road
Central Point, Oregon 97502

You need to tell me the color of suede seat:
Black or Dark Brown and now honey brown.

Cordura Colors:
Royal Blue, Teal, Forest Green, Purple, Black, Dark Brown, Silver, Burgundy, and Red.

What kind of stirrups:
Hooded (caged) stirrups
Regular western leather covered stirrups with braiding up the side.

And the size seat you need. We measure like an army saddle.
Tell me your height and weight and I can help with the size differences.

What style do you want:
The regular McCullen type, pommel going over the top of the saddle
The Aussie style with poleys for the pommel.

The style of saddle pad:
normal back: round, barrel shape, low or no withers.
ridge back: medium to high withers, and hollows behind the shoulders.

And that is it! :o))))))

Rebecca--Underwood Enterprizes--1-541-826-9668--Oregon

Home of the Rebecca Treeless Saddles for horses, mules, and donkeys
and now a turtle rescue!!!! :o)))


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